Friday, January 6, 2012

Pink Crochet Vase Holder


I made this 20 plus years ago. I made more than one.  I didn't know what happened to the rest. I didn't know what to call it so I called it a vase holder.

Now it is one of my daughter's toys.  Sorry I don't have the pattern and don't know how to read the pattern; therefore, I couldn't make a pattern for it.   I remember I had a picture of this and I counted stitch by stitch to make it.  I still do the counting when I crochet now a day.  I don't know how to read the crochet patterns so I would look for a good picture of the finished crochet item and crochet it.

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chillin with Quillin said...

thats awesome , that you can go by a picture, very talented !!!

Shakti said...

очень красиво!
С Рождеством!!!

JustNeedling said...

so pretty! That's a lot of work on this piece.

I don't know how to read crochet instructions either.

Merry said...

Oh you are so clever to create something like that without a pattern. It is so pretty.

Tan's Hobbies said...

Wow!!!!! I'm amaze with your super duper amazing creation. I even don't know how to do crochet... Super talented, dear!!!!

kiddo said...

Wow, great crochet, Helen! And lovely color! You are so talented making this just using a picture, looks very complicated for me even with a pattern around:)

SUGANTHI said...

very pretty. I am impressed that you can do so much without a pattern.

Monica said...

This is stunning, Helen and as always you continue to amaze me with your unforgettable talent.

Hope the new year brings you all that you desire for... good health and happiness.



Ann said...

That is so pretty. There is no way I could ever look at something and figure out how to crochet it without a pattern. You are good :)

Rae said...

Hi Helen,
Happy New Year!
Very pretty, love the color!