Monday, January 14, 2013

Gray Poncho Sweater

Hello Blogger Friends!

After finished my daughter blue poncho, I wanted one  for myself.  This one was inspired from a poncho that I saw on etsy.  However, I added sleeves to my poncho.  I like the sleeves because when I lifted or moved my arm the body stayed in place.  The white and pink granny squares gave it a feminine touch.

I worn it over the weekend to my surprised the poncho was pretty warm even with all those holes.  My friend, Joan, reaction was "don't tell me you made that!"    I used Caron Simply Soft yarn.  It felt really nice  but the yarns don't t holding up good.  I'm hoping to make another one or two with different kind of yarn may be using cotton yarn. 

Thanks for taking a peek!



ManuK said...

It's very beautiful, Helen! I wish I could crochet, I just realized how many clothes I could add to my wardrobe :)

Happy crafting!

Merry said...

I love this wonderful with the sleeves. Great work.

Patty O'Malley said...

This really is so pretty, Helen!

Ann said...

I really like it and the idea of adding the sleeves was ingenious.

Lekha justin said...

wooow....very pretty..!!

JustNeedling said...

Very pretty! The stitches is very simple but beautiful.