Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quilling Daisy


I am sharing a quick daisy card today. I knew it isn't any time  for daisy to bloom but I am just so tired of this cold weather.  Aren't you!


7 comments: said...

That is really great!!!


Katrin said...

Очень мило!

Ann said...

Yes I'm very tired of it and your lovely quilled daisy is a welcome sight

Divya said...

Awesome!! Lovely idea and fantastically executed... :-)

Rae said...

Sweet! Love your quilling, Helen!

Monica said...

I LOVE THIS CARD! Firstly, yellow brings out all it's beauty, secondly, the quilled daisy flower looks stunning. The pearls look divine.

xxx Monica

PawwPadd said...

Helen, thanks again! This card is so very cute! I love the combination of the quilling in a small amount and the other elements. Really spring / summer color combo also! Nice work once again!
Thanks for sharing