Friday, March 4, 2011

CAS - Inspire By Nature Note card


This is another technique on my to do list.  It was stamping on watercolor paper using Stampin' Up watercolor crayons. This is another card that I saw in the Stamping Success magazine.

I don't really like the result. But in case some of you are interested here is how it was done.  First, spritzed water lightly on the stamp.  Then colored directly on the stamp using watercolor crayons. Next spritzed (lightly) the stamp again. Then stamped on the watercolor paper.  Leave the stamp long enough for the images to absorb on to the  paper.

Thanks for looking.



Monica said...

Love it, Helen, I am going to try it. Why don't you like it?

Oh come on, don't be so hard on yourself... it is the weekend, you know. And I love these cards. The stamps look lovely and the effect is so striking.

xxx Monica

TrishG said...

I always love this stamp image! Great job with it. I shall have to try that technique!

Gaby said...

I think this technic sounds and looks very interesting.

Thanks for showing.

Ann said...

I think they are lovely. I don't have much in the way of stamps. I've wanted to start trying more of it but I go to the store and just get lost in all the

Rae said...

Hi Helen,

I do like these cards. I'm thinking it is also better to have a stamp that doesn't have a lot of detail like the ones you used. I have wanted to try this technique for a while, you have provided the motivation to get to it. Wouldn't you be surprised to see them in MY next post? (hahaha) So would I... lol

Elizabeth said...

I'm wondering how many people you will find liking these, even though you aren't really pleased?! =) For me, the second one jumps at me. Going to have to try this myself!