Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Origami - Sonobe balls

I made these a while ago but just finished putting them together. I enjoyed making origami units. The modular origami are my favorite.  I believe these  are called Sonobe.

Tutorial to make the ball is here.
Tutorial to make the tassel is here.



Gaby said...

Wow....they look so pretty. But very complicated, too.

Rhonda Miller said...

These are great. I love origami and have enjoyed seeing all the inspiration on your blog.

Yannie said...

Very beautiful!

Ann said...

those are very cool. origami is something I have yet to try.

CG said...

Wow, beautiful! Thank for including tutorials as well.

Michelle said...

You just have so much talent Helen and obviously bucket loads of patiences too.

These look amazing.

Michelle :-)

Monica said...

Hi Helen,

As usual your crafting is amazingly creative. You are truly gifted! Helen!

I simply love this creation and the colours are so divine.