Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Pop up cards

I really enjoy making these pop up cards.  I like it so much I made two more.  This first one here I used the StazOn ink on white shimmery card stock.  Then I colored the rose using the stamping pastel Cameo Coral.  I decided to try using brads and the elastic cord to hole the card close. 
 Card viewed from the side.
                   Here is the inside.  I decided to leave one section undecorated so I can write  a short message.

 Here is another one.  This is my favorite.  You can't really see the glitter here.  There are glitters all over the rose and the butterflies.
   Here is the inside.
Thank you for visiting me again.  Have a bless day.


P.S.  A very nice and embarrassing thing happened to me yesterday.  After I drop the children off at school, I went to Amelia (grocery outlet).  I was going there to get  milk and a few boxes of cereal.  By the time I was at the check out lane my cart was half filled in.   I knew the place do not except credit card.  Can you believe that?  So I was a few dollars short.  I asked the cashier to take out one item but she didn't and the lady behind me offered to pay the different!  I was shocked!  Won't you? Her name was Eneat. (Is that how it spell?) I didn't want to except her offer but she insisted. So I excepted.  I asked  for her address so I can send her money back but she said no needed. I felt so BAD and EMBARRASSED after I take her money.  I told her that I will donate her money to a charity and she thought that would be fine. Now that I share this event with a few of my readers I felt much better.


pattyo said...

What a nice experience you had at the grocery store. There are very kind people out there (and you are one of them!). Anyway, I adore these cards! They are so pretty.

Rae said...

Helen! Your cards are sooo beautiful! I love them. And as far as what happened to you in the store- I have on several occasions thought to do just what was done for you. I have only actually done it with kids, though. But I think that it is not a big deal. When you have been blessed, you wish to bless others in the hope of it continuing. So you can help someone out in distress the next time you are out shopping, or you can donate to a charity. It is all positive. There is a movie and a movement called "Pay it forward". If you get a chance check it out. You are a sweet lady I think anyone would want to help you out. I'm glad you accepted. You probably made her day as much as she made yours. I'll be back!

DeStampin'Corner said...

Beautiful pop up cards!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are wonderful people out there. Just think the next time you're in a store and see someone who maybe is a little "short" -- pay it forward :>) Have a wonderful Sunday.

Princess said...

I love, love, love this card! I have neglected my stamping lately...starting a new home business. But now that I've seen your pop-up card....I have definitely got the urge to stamp again! And I think something like this would be absolutely beautiful and fun to make with my girlfriends!

PS No worries about the mishap at the grocery store. Just remember this kindness shown to you when you see someone else in need. That's what makes the world so great.

Aussie Jean said...

Wow - these cards are just amazing Helen!! I would love to make one. Is there a tutorial on Circle Pop up cards anywhere that I can refer to for the template?