Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Congrats Card

Good morning,
I finally took out this card and finished it.  Again this card was inspired from here.  I saw their "pop up circle" card and I love it.  I made one similar to the one they had.  Check out my earlier card here.  After I made that card I thought I can borrow the technique and made my own cut out. I thought a house would be easy to cut out. Why? Because during that time my cousin just bought a house and I was thinking of send him the card after I finished it.  Except I never finished it until this past weekend.

The house layout was inspired from July Stampin' Success magazine.

I hand cut the clouds and sponged on the front.  Then decided to sponge some more clouds on the inside since the house will also be visible when the card is opened.

The inside look plain so I added a tree.  Now it looks much better.

Thank you for visiting today.  Have a great day!


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Rae said...

Helen, now I see why you don't usually make cards! You only make the difficult ones! You will have to learn how to make some "simple" cards. : ) Your "new home" card is great! I would be scared to attempt it. The pop up cards seem difficult to me, but you have no problem with them. Of course you did make me laugh when you said how this card had a purpose, but never got finished(I have many like that). Also thanks for the step by step origami instructions. I think I can actually make a swan now...(smile) Take care...