Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some Pictures to Share

Good Morning!

Today I just wanted to share some pictures that I took while I was at Florida.  No, we didn't visit Disney World. We were there to just visited family.   While I was there, my sister took me to a garden.  It was a five acres garden own and operated by husband and wife and a part time helper.  We were really impressed with the work that they both did.  There were quite a few green houses.  Each green house was at least 8 feet tall, 20 feet wide and 50 feet long.  Every winter both of them would unroll the plastic themselves to cover the green houses and during spring they would roll the plastic sheet up.  What a work!!

There were many different kinds of vegetables, herbs, and fruit plants.  Here are the star fruits.  I have never seen a star fruit plant so I don't know how tall they grow.  This one here is about 5 feet tall and still in a pot.

This is called Tamarine.  There are many kinds.  But we only think of them as the sweet kind and the sour kind.  If you had tasted this fruit, looking at them could make you salivating.  This fruit plant could grow as tall as three stories building. This one here is about 6 feet tall and still in a pot.  The owner said this is the sweet kind.  How can he tell?  He must had tasted the fruit that was the only way to tell.
 Look at this palmalow (didn't have spell check for this fruit) tree!  Some people think it's grapefruit but palmalows are much bigger than grapefruit and taste better too.
 Papaya plant.  Papaya plant doesn't have branches and there leaves are big!
 These fruits here are called Jackfruits. I don't know why it's "Jack" and not "Sam" or "Joy" or something else (smile).   These fruits can grow up to be as big as 15 to 25 pounds.  When ripe, it has a really sweet fragrant.
I don't know what this fruit plant call in English.  The tree had so many fruits here that the branch broke.
 Beside visiting the garden, I was busy making these roses.  I punched out all the pieces that I needed and just took the ink pad and a sponge with me.  There were 76 roses.  There's a great tutorial here.  I will share the project next month.
When I finished with the roses, I cut these dragonflies.  Again, I stamped all the dragonflies and colored them at home.  There were about 140 dragonflies.
 Here is a picture of the individual dragonfly.  I colored each dragonfly with three different colors.
 There are more.  These were the palm tree leaves from Prehistoric Pals set (retired).  I cut them before I went to Florida.  There were about 140 leaves. I thought I needed them but turned out I don't need them. I supposed to cut over 200 of these leaves but I was glad the project got canceled.  It was very difficult to cut the leaves. The dragonflies were a lot easier to cut.  Want to try? (lol)  I know, I've made enough cutting for this life time (lol).
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pattyo said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the roses!

Rae said...

Helen, I have to say quite honestly the photo does not do justice to how beautiful your roses are in person.
Enjoyed seeing and reading about the different plants and fruits I have never heard of growing sweetly in Florida...