Monday, April 28, 2014

Crochet Jackets


It was all started with this little jacket for the AG doll.

It looks so nice so I can't just stop at one jacket.  I made  one with no sleeve.
Isn't that just adorable?  Then I thought, hmmm, may be I can make one for Faye.  Lucky me last month Joann online had Red Heart With Love yarn (love that yarn!) on sale at almost 50% off plus FREE shipping on top of that.  What a deal that was!  So Faye and I were shopping together choosing the colors.

Here are all the colors

I must had about 30 skeins because they came in a big box.

I was hopping Faye would choose the Hawaii Blue

 for her jacket since she looks so nice in blue but she wanted hers in gray so here it is.

 I took me three try (many wasted hours) before I finally got the right stitches for her size.  After that everything came quickly.  It took me two days to finished her jacket.

Then I wanted one too.  I wanted fun color.  Most of my clothes are in dark color so I made mine in Hawaii Blue.  It turned out the blue was a little too bright for me.

 As some of you knew, many times I don't follow pattern.  They are too confusing. I never understand the gauge, the stitch and the inches.   Some patterns had too many unnecessary wording while others didn't have enough explanations.  So I set out to fine my own pattern.  I spent 5 hours on this piece here.  It turned out too big for me so I had to take it apart and start over.

Once I had the right stitched, the jacket was pretty quick to make.

Although the color was too bright for me, I wore it any way since I made it already.  My sister Sue was visiting us and she liked it.  I told her I would make one for her since I still had plenty of yarns plus this one is a bit small for her. She said it's o.k the jacket will stretched.  Here is the funny part.  She tried it on.  She kept on pulling the jacket and sure enough it stretched.  It fit her and it is too big for me now. (lol)  I told her I couldn't give it to her yet since I need it for sample.  My niece wanted one  in gray and I am thinking of black  or teal for myself.

That it is for this time.  Have a fantastic Monday!



Ann said...

I loved the one for the doll when you first showed it and thought it was adorable. Seeing the one on your daughter I love it even more. You did a fabulous job on those and it looks so cute on Faye

Patty O'Malley said...

Gorgeous work, Helen!

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Amazing work I don't know how you do it! Next one you make for yourself you need to model it for the blog ... have a great week! Katie

JustNeedling said...

I love the jackets you made for the doll, your daughter and yourself. Lots of work there! You are amazing Helen!