Monday, June 11, 2012

Lots and lots of Crochet Flowers, Oh My!

Hello Blogger Friends!

Look at what I had been doing for the month of May.

During the second week of May Joann online had the crochet threads on sale for 25% off.  I thought it was not bad. So I bought this first box.   There were 15 balls total.

 I haven't receive my first order yet and the crochet threads went on sale again the following week. This time they were 50% off.  How can I resist such a sale!  So I ordered  more crochet threads. I didn't even know how many balls I ordered.  See the tiny balls in the plastic bag, I didn't know they were that tiny. They were the size of a goal ball and the thread sizes were much finer too.
 After receiving the two orders, I realized I didn't order any neutral colors so here they are my third order.
I believe there were 15 balls in there.  I thought I order some green for the size #3 thread but I didn't. Oh, well.  May be I'll place another order. lol

I had been making large crochet roses.  These roses are about 3 inches big.  I turned them into brooches.
Crochet flower utorial here.

 I believe the roses in the pictures below are called the cabbage roses.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  I love them! I will be making more of these.  I couldn't help it! I just love them!

 The following crochet flowers are smaller.  I used them to embellish cards and boxes.  I am going to make them into hair accessories also.
 These gold flowers were the hardest to crochet.  The thread kept tangling.  I am glad I bought only 1 ball.

 These purple flowers were made using the DMC thread. The tiny golf ball size. The flowers looked big here but they were only about 1 inch.
 I was trying to make sunflowers.

Testing the pink shade thread.   Tutorial

 These white scallops are about 2 inches.

Crochet scallop tutorial 

I have more to share but I thought I will keep it for another post.

Thank you so much for looking.



Esther Asbury said...

Your flowers are "Oh So Lovely!" Not sure I have the patience to turn out nearly as many as you I'll just enjoy looking at yours!

Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW Helen you are so good at this!


chillin with Quillin said...

there sooo gorgeous, love the sunflowers, and would be proud to wear the brooches, awesome work!!!

kiddo said...

Wow! So many flowers and so beautiful! I love your crochet flowers! You have now a real collection:)
P.S. I managed to make my first crochet flowers and a butterfly. Hope soon I will take pictures and share.

Ann said...

Your flowers are all beautiful and I love those broaches. I always have a hard time crocheting with the threads. I do much better with yarn. thanks for the links. I'll go check them out now

Michelle said...

Wow Helen, what an incredibly beautiful selection of roses.

Those cabbage roses are my favourite too!!

Michelle :o)

Rae said...

Im in love,love,love,love,love, love!!! I adore all of your crocheted flowers, but that is how I feel about those cabbage roses! : D

Tan's Hobbies said...

WOW!! I am speechless!!!! Those crochets are unbelievably stunning!! I couldn't (don't dare to) imagine how you did it!! AWESOME!!

Mary said...

Beautiful flowers Helen! I bet you could make them in your sleep!

Unknown said...

I ADORE those cabbage you have a tutorial for them at all xx