Friday, September 9, 2011

Kids 3 D wooden Puzzles

I don't have any of my craft to share today.  However, I thought I will share some of my sons 3 D wooden puzzles.

My two sons love to build and when I saw these wooden puzzles at Michaels' on the clearance rack I was so excited.

These puzzles are quite big..They measure more than 12 inches tall and the long one measure more than 12 inches wide like the Windsor Castle.

There were no written instruction for these puzzles.  They had to look at the picture of the model and assembled the model.  They assembled them so quickly except the leaning tower.   My older son gave up after about an hour because the pieces kept on falling off.  Then I suggested to my younger son to assemble just one layer at a time then paint it with Modge Pod and wait until the Modge Pod dry then assemble the next layer.  It work!  It took him about 6 hours total to complete the Leaning Tower.

After the Leaning tower my younger son didn't feel like assembling the Windsor Castle  so my older took over.  These are their most recent wooden 3 D puzzles.  They had assemble many in the past.  Their room are full of 3 D puzzles.


Merry said...

Oh wow...these are such terrific models and well done to your sons.....for persevering and getting the projects finished.

Rae said...

These 3D puzzles are so fantastic. I love them!

chillin with Quillin said...

How neat, never seen these before!!

SUGANTHI said...

Wow! looks complicated, my boys love assembling too. It looks so neat ,Crafty hands like their mom's.

Dr Sonia S V said...

Helen we get mini models here in India- so far I have made aeroplanes, squirrels and dinosaurs- shall share pictures once I take them

Monica said...

Such super puzzles - look like art. And your kids seem to have your patience. How clever of you to suggest that they should use modge podge!!!

xxx Monica

Whimcees said...


What a wonderful accomplishment for the boys! I love detail and miniatures and the puzzles are perfect in both areas! My middle son also loved to create this type of project when he was young and even when there were instructions he wouldn't even look at them and in short order the project was completed with no errors. It used to amaze me!

Your children have their mother's talents!


Barbara Diane