Friday, April 29, 2011

Home Made Papers Holder

Hello Bloggers!
Today I'd like to share a little piece of my craft area.  This is my old paper shelves.  I stacked four
8 1/2" x 11" plastic tray that I got from a yard sale as my papers holder.  It work fine.  I had been using them for a few years now but I didn't like the clutter looking.  I used lots of 12 x 12 card stocks so they are sticking out.

Then I learned how to use the power drill not long ago and I built this wooden shelves.  I asked my husband to help me cut the boards.  That is no longer a problem; now I know how to use the table saw too.  Woo, Hoo!  So if I am not happy with this one, I can't just make another one.  How convenient is that!
 I saw a similar paper holder at one of my son's classes and I thought it was pretty simple to make.  This new shelf unit is not pretty but it serves it purpose.  I used boards that I found in the garage and in the basement. I did buy a 4' x 8 ' piece of board for the shelves.  I measured the back panel wrong so it went horizontally but it's o.k because once the shelves and papers are in, you can't see anything back there.

Here is the finished look.  I had to take the shelf on the wall off  (in the 1st picture) to fit this new shelf.

I love the neat looks of my new paper holder.  The total cost is about $15.  I thought it was not bad at all for the 26 shelves.  I made the shelves to fit 12" x 12" papers.  I did realize I had that many papers and these are just card stocks.  My pattern papers are all over the place.

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Monica said...

Oh Helen, this is so creative and clever... you know how to drill, how to use the table saw... wow! Your shelves are so very functional! By the way, half the cards have sold off! Thanks so much, Helen!

xxx Monica

SUGANTHI said...

You do well whatever you do, you have done an awesome job making these shelves.You are not good at miniatures alone:))

Patty O'Malley said...

Now you have a new career!

JustNeedling said...

Very nice! You are so talented!

Rae said...

Helen, you are so awesome. Seriously...

Ann said...

Your talents are limitless aren't they? :) Now you have added woodworking to your list of skills. The shelves look great. I need to start working on getting my craft area more organized, it's a mess

bernietom47 said...

Congrats! Great job! Always wonder why more women don't do things like that. To many sit around waiting for DH to get it done when if they just tried they could do it themselves. Except for the counter top I couldn't lift I built all the shelves in my craft room.
Blessings Bernie

Helen Laurence said...

Your shelves are awesome!! Make me some!!!!

Hi I'm just popping in to say 'Check out Ellephantastic winners post!' You have won!! Please contact me to arrange your prize.
Helen x x

Kit said...

Such a great idea. Reminds me of my days in workshop but unlike you I was never brave enough to master the drills.

Dr Sonia S V said...

Wow Helen carpentry too. I cant help envy you!The shelves are fantastic!