Friday, July 17, 2009

Ray's School Scrap book

Here are a few more pages from Ray's second grade scrap book. We had new principal and during the American Education Week we were allowed to visit our children's classroom during specific hour. First thing that came to my mind was opportunity to take picture for their scrap book. (lol) There's a sad reason behind me. That's why I took lots and lots of my children pictures.

After that I was back for the Christmas party. They had The Polar Express party. They went to school in their pajamas if they wanted. They were so darn cute. And yes, they had hot chocolate, cookies, candies, and more SWEET. Yikes!

Ray is also going to Seminar (gifted class). At Seminar they did lots of fun activities. In these last two pictures each student was assigned to do research on a country. On the presentation day they had to set up a booth to display objects from their countries and they had to give speech about their country. The parents were to bring a dish from their child's research country. It was a big project, but they did wonder job. Well done, Ray!

Thanks for checking me out today. Have a great weekend.

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