Friday, April 9, 2010

Mini Rose Tutorial

Good Morning,
I received quite complements on the mini roses.  I didn't want to do the tutorial at first since there were so many rose tutorials out there already.  Several people email me asking for the directions how to make the mini roses so I thought I will do a tutorial also.  I first learned to make the roses from here. Credit must go where it's belonged.  I didn't like how the rose turn out using card stock so I used white printing papers (28 lbs).  You can see my big roses here.

The punch that I used was the medium punch. The flower measured about 1".  I bought that punch from Joann Fabric.

You will need four punch out flowers for each rose.  To make the rose more realistic sponge the edges with the color of your choice.  I used Riding Hood Red.  Stampin' Up! just announced that they are bringing back this color.  Yay!

On to the tutorial.

Leave the first flower alone (the one on the left).
Cut a slit to the center of the second flower.
Cut one scallop off the third flower.
Cut two scallops off the last flower.

Glue all the pieces like shown in the picture.
Then use the piecing tool to curl all the edges and roll the single scallop.
Cut a little bit off the bottom of the piece with the two scallops (the second one from the right).  Stack all the pieces together using tacky glue on each layer.  Arrange to make sure the scallops don't line up.  See picture.

Glue on to the last piece.

Let the glue dry.  Once the glue had dried, apply clear glitter glue on the petals.  I dabbed the glitter on my finger and then ran my finger on the petals just like I was sponging them.  Yes, your fingers with get sticky.  But it's worth it.  Let it dry.  Make sure the roses are not touching each other.  Here are the finished mini roses.

I also made them in different sizes.   You can figure that out, right?  The leaves were the 5 petal punch.

Tip:  I made at least 10 roses at a time.  I punched all the pieces that I need, then I sponged them. I cut out a template like this.

then stacked 4 to 5 flowers and cut them out at one.

I hope you've enjoyed making these mini roses as much as I did.  Happy creating!



  1. Hi Helen
    Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial!

  2. Hello!

    Great tutorial as always! I am still debating on how to use my roses! They are so beautiful that I don't want to use them! I will just have to DO it! :<) I am so happy everytime I look at them!

    Wishing you a great weekend with your family!


    Barbara Diane

  3. OMG, Helen. What a great tutorial. You know how much I LOVE your flowers. I have to try now! ;)

  4. thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I'll have to try them out!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

  6. LOVE these! Will have to go make a few dozen now. =]

  7. OH NO! Now I NEED to go and get this punch!!
    What beautiful roses!!

  8. Very beautiful
    wonderful creativity
    Thanks for visiting my site

  9. Thanks so much for this:) I've been really admiring these roses and looking for an easy to follow/understand tutorial, which yours fits to a tee.

  10. Superb!! I've tried this but my roses never come so pretty.. and I think after seeing your tutorial I realized I wasn't curling it the right way.. I use the quilling tool to curl which never made the perfect curls.. Guess.. I'll try it with a toothpick next time..

    Thanks!! I will look forward for more tutorials from you! :)


  11. Wow i have been looking everywhere for a lovely rose flower yours are just what I have been looking for im off to try it Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Simply superb.. A little bit of practice and once you know the trick, these flowers look simly amazing... Wow..
    Thanks Helen for sharing this...
    Keep Posting!!!

  13. Helen I shared a link to this awesome tutorial on my blog

  14. Lovely flowers, thanks for the detailed tutorial...!!!

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